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  • Pallet Jacks

    Pallet jacks take a pounding. Shift after shift, they’re moving product. You can’t afford equipment damage or downtime. We rent a full line of rugged, dependable, high-performance pallet trucks to meet your needs. With various types and sizes, we have a pallet jack to fit your needs.

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  • Hand Trucks

    With the highest quality in mind, high carbon tubular steel is used in the construction of our General Purpose hand trucks. Standard and narrow wheel bases are available for your specific needs and are produced with highly abrasive resistant toe plates, beveled for easier loading and handling of cases, cartons, and other bulk items.hand truck rental Feature a 800-lbs. capacity for one-man transport of bulky loads in warehouses and stores. They feature 8" rubber wheels and a 48" overall height.

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  • Forklift Extensions

    Forklift extensions are made of heavy gauge steel and slip over the existing forks. The construction of forklift extensions is an upside-down U-Channel consisting of a top and two sides. The front of the extension is tapered and the back of the forklift extension has a rounded steel strap to hold the extension in place.

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