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    Pallet jack trucks are our expertise. We do repairs, service and stock parts for most pallet jacks, and carry rebuilt pallet jack units for most pallet jack trucks on the market.

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    Local Service

    We offer free estimates and have the lowest hourly labor rate for Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

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    Low Cost

    If your pallet jack truck is not working properly, servicing it may be the most pratical, least expensive solution.

Manual & Electric Pallet Jack Service

We service pallet jack trucks of all sizes and load capacities including but not limited to the following makes:

Atlas, Big Joe, Bishamon, Blue Giant, Boman, BT, CAT, CFA, Clark, Crown, Dayton, Eagleman, ECOA, Hu-Lift, Hyster, Interthor, Intrupa, Jet, Junghenrich, King, Langsenkamp, Lift-Rite, LPM, Lo-Jo, Lo-Lift, Magnum, Mighty-Lift, Mobile, Monarch, Multiton, NobleLift, Nissan, Pallet Mule, Palletmaster, Power-Lift, Pramac, Presto, Prime Mover, Raymond, Rol-A-Lift, Rol-Lift, TallyHo, Toyota, Uline, Ultra, Valu-Jack, Vestil, Yale, Wesco and Wesley.

No Charge Estimate

Repairing your pallet jack is as simple as dropping it off at our facility. Once our Tech has inspected and identifyed any issues with your pallet jack, we offer a "No Charge" estimate of repairs.

Cost Effective Repairs

We test and have your pallet jack ready for you in no time at all. And if you don't want to invest in the repair cost of your pallet jack, we sell refurbished pallet jacks too!

repair services

  • Complete Pump Service

    We offer a top of the line service to keep your pallet jack running smoothly and at a great cost. By bringing your pallet jacks to LA Equipment Services, we can unsure that your jack will get a proper inspection by one of our very knowledgable staff members. You will also find that our techncians lubricate all moving parts of the units to keep everything running at peak performance shift after shift. We are dedicated to keeping your machines running through even the roughest workloads.

  • Wheel replacement

    Stop hassling with worn or damaged wheels. Our wheel replacement is fast, easy, and affordable. Our rollers are made from a high quality Polyurethane that will handle the toughest of loads at fraction of the effort. Our non marking rollers are long lasting and high quality to ensure easy operation and a job well done. We have wheels for most makes and models of pallet jacks in today’s market.