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Refurbished Pallet Jacks

We carry used and refurbished pallet jack trucks of all sizes and load capacities including but not limited to the following makes:

Atlas, Big Joe, Bishamon, Blue Giant, BT, Crown, ECOA, Interthor, Jet, Langsenkamp, Lift-Rite, LPM, Lo-Jo, Lo-Lift, Magnum, Mobile, Multiton, Pallet Mule, Palletmaster,
Power-Lift, Prime Mover, Rol-Lift, , TallyHo and Wesco.

Pallet Jack Replacement Parts

Refurbished pallet jacks are a cost-effective solution for many customers. These days, companies are trying to achieve the best profit margins they possibly can. Therefore it makes sense to buy good quality, refurbished used pallet jacks and save money.

LA Equpment Services has years of experience in finding used pallet jacks that are still in excellent condition. Some used pallet jacks need no refurbishing at all, while other used pallet jacks are refurbished with minor repairs, a thorough cleaning, and a coat of fresh paint.

Save money with refurbished used pallet jacks from LA Equipment Services. Reach the experts by calling (323) 780-0737 and we’ll be glad to tell you about the refurbished used pallet jacks we have in stock.

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